Learn to Juggle


It's fun, it's exercise, it gets you out of your box for a minute, and it makes you feel great. It's also the perfect thing to add to your bucket list. Actors, entertainers, adults, kids, taxicab drivers: you can do it! You'll be surprised at how many things you can learn in just one hour.


Improve your juggling skills

If you can already juggle, come learn new tricks, different props, higher numbers, and more effective practice techniques. Our instructors have collectively taught juggling to thousands of people and are well-respected performers as well.

* Private lessons are also available.



Juggling is:

- Good exercise

- Great for coordination

- Loads of fun

Juggling is NOT:

- Too hard for you to learn

- Just for clowns

- A skill you should be without



Come join us!

Based right in the heart of New York City, we currently offer classes at our studios in Manhattan. Join our mailing list for updates on any exceptions.